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  • The transformation of the estate agency profession to reflect the demographics of South Africa is still very much a work in progress;
  • The EAAB actively seeks to implement a human-centered and interdisciplinary process that is designed to create desirable and sustainable changes in the behaviour and forms of individuals, systems and estate agency organisations;


  • The aim of the transformation strategy is to define the role and contribution of the EAAB in accelerating the transformation of the estate agency profession to reflect South African demographics.


  • The transformation strategy seeks to contribute towards creating an enabling environment which will attract greater numbers of previously disadvantaged persons to the estate agency profession. 

The Estate Agency Affairs Board holds the launch of 1,000 Learner Intake on the “One Learner – One Estate Agency” Youth Programme

On 27 June 2019, the Estate Agency Affairs Board (EAAB) held an auspicious event at the Town Hall in Johannesburg to celebrate the placement of the recent intake of 1 000 learners on the “One Learner – One Estate Agency” Youth Programme.  All learners have been placed with Host Employers around the country.  

In order to initiate the transformation imperatives the EAAB’s recently appointed Chief Executive Officer Ms Mamodupi Mohlala has been working tirelessly with her transformation team to set the “wheels in motion”.   The EAAB intends to attract young, Black talent into the real estate sector and recruit and place a further 9 000 Interns by the end of 2019, or at least by the end of its current financial year.

Transformation of the real estate sector has remained a continued struggle and the under-representation of Africans as estate agents and moreover as estate agency business owners is moving at a ‘snail’s pace’.  There has been some change, but the pace of change has been far too slow.  It is imperative that the real estate sector has adequate representation across all populations in terms of the demographics of South Africa.  Everyone in the real estate sector has a role to play in the performance of transformation.  This also requires a paradigm shift in the thinking of the real estate sector at large. 

The EAAB’s Chairperson of the Board, Nkosinathi Biko in his address said that looking at BRICS, it was most pleasing that albeit that South Africa was one of the smallest members it had made significant progress in many respects.  Mr Biko, was disappointed however, to note that transformation of the real estate sector had lagged significantly as it was one of the economic sectors where full transformation had yet to take place.  This was most discouraging and was a primary reason for the EAAB’s urgent intervention to remedy the situation.  He urged all estate agency firms to bear this in mind and assist wherever possible.

Mr Biko thanked his Board Members that sit on the Transformation Committee for their continued work and commitment.  Congratulations were extended to the EAAB’s Chief Executive Officer.  Biko said that finally the EAAB Board had confidence that Ms Mamodupi Mohlala would ensure that progress was made in achieving the transformation imperatives.

The event was also to thank a number of stakeholders that contribute to the transformation imperatives of the “One Learner – One Estate Agency” Youth Programme.  The EAAB extended their sincere thanks and appreciation for the continued support of the Services SETA for bursaries and stipends for the Learners.  Appreciation and thanks were extended to strategic partners that are assisting the EAAB with the ‘One Learner – One Estate Agency” Youth Programme for the 1 000 Learners namely, Vodacom for their generous offer of a tablet with data and a cellphone at an extremely low cost; First National Bank for agreeing to make available “new markets” to the Learners, and further assist wherever possible to ensure that the Learners remain in the real estate sector; the Gauteng Legislative for access to the “Tsepho One Million” subsidies, and access to new markets township economy.  The EAAB is highly appreciative of the support offered by its strategic partners.  A special thank you to all Host Employers was also extended for their continued offer of employment of Learners/Interns into their estate agency firms, and for their efforts in coaching and mentoring them, and providing continued support and encouragement.


Success stories were shared from some of the previous learners that had been on the Programme that are now qualified estate agents, and of the success they are making in the profession of real estate.

In the Chief Executive Officer’s presentation, Mamodupi advised that the EAAB’s Transformation Programme would be based on three critical programmes:

 ·         Internship/learnership– “One Learner – One Estate Agency” Youth Programme;

  • Incubation – SMME’s;
  • Unblocking blocked Black estate agents;

VALUE PROPOSITION FOR NOW - The recruitment process to date

The Chief Executive Officer reaffirmed that the EAAB had recently recruited 1 000 Interns/Learners as at 31 March 2019.  This was made up from a 390 intake as at 31 December 2018 and a further 610 intake as at 31 March 2019. The Learners are from Gauteng, Mpumalanga, Free State and Limpopo.  The remaining 9 000 Interns and Learners for 2019 /2020 will be recruited in June/July 2019 -   4 000 Interns and Learners, and October/November 2019 - 5 000 Interns and Learners.

The EAAB has engaged with industry players and identified the following numbers of Host Employers:

  • National Property Forum (NPF);
  • Institute of Estate Agents of South Africa (IEASA);
  • Real Estate Business Owners of South Africa (REBOSA);
  • Other independent estate agency firms;

Internship/Learnership – Host Employer Support - The EAAB’s Transformation Department has recently recruited and employed 12 EAAB employees that will be known as the ‘Foot Soldiers”.  The EAAB employees will focus on the monitoring and support of both the Learner/Intern and the Host Employers.  The EAAB intends to keep improving benefits to ensure the sustainability of the Learners on the Programme.

Internship/Learnership Methodology - Mamodupi urged that the Interns and Learners be mindful that the EAAB and other organisations have partnered to provide and ensure that ‘barriers to entry’ have been minimalized, and all that is required of the Intern/Learner was to stay focused and to commit to staying with the ‘Programme’ as a lot of time and money had been put aside to assist them.

Internship/Learnership - Enhanced Value-Add (1) - Mamodupi advised that after considerable research, it had proved that there were a number of challenges/barriers to entry for the Learners e.g.

  • Commission takes long to access;
  • No access to airtime and data;
  • Marketing material and platforms costly;
  • Access to markets / residential /commercial properties;
  • Access to transportation;

Internship/Learnership - Enhanced Value-Add (2) - The EAAB has secured through their partnership with Vodacom access to telephony and data with a tailor-made package of access to a tablet with three gigabytes of data at a low cost of R130.00 per month.

Internship/Learnership - Enhanced Value-Add (3) - Access to marketing material and access to markets (residential) delays in commission were identified as a further challenge and after discussions with all the major Banks, ABSA, Standard Bank, Investec, and Nedbank, which are still ongoing.  First National Bank did not hesitate to partner with the EAAB extending the offer of access to repossessed properties.

Internship/Learnership - Enhanced Value-Add (4) - The EAAB is in discussion with other entities like Coca Cola, Microsoft; Wholesale and Retail Sector Education and Training Authority (W&RSETA); Transport SETA; National Youth Development Agency (NYDA), Small Enterprise Finance Agency (SEFA); and Software Developers for various packages for estate agents to secure further value-adds .

Internship/Learnership - Enhanced Value-Add (5) - To secure new and innovative markets, the EAAB has had discussions with the Gauteng Provincial Government who have offered to assist with the Gauteng Government’s “Tshepo One Million” Programme which aims to target a million young people with skills training, job placement and entrepreneurship development, subsidies, and access to new markets township economy.  Further meetings will take place with other provinces Eastern Cape/Kwa Zulu Natal/Western Cape.

Internship/Learnership - Enhanced Value-Add (6) - Some of the intended new and innovative markets that will be made exclusively available to Learners/Interns on the “One Learner-One Estate Agency” Youth Programme are RDP houses; Social housing; Public Works housing stock; Mines housing stock; SOES; Transnet Eskom and PRASA.

Internship/ Learnership – Accelerated Training (1) - Currently training requirements are  to start as an Intern estate agent then upgrade to a Non-Principal estate agent and then to Principal estate agent.

Intern to Non-Principal Estate Agent Status - Training for 12 24 Months and write two examinations NQF 4 and PDE4.

Non-Principal to Principal Estate Agent Status - Additional training for 12 Months to  Principalisation and write an additional two examinations NQF 5 and PDE 5.

Internship/ Learnership – Accelerated Training (2)

  • Intern to Non-Principal estate agent - 12 months maximum
  • Training by placements with Host Employers
  • NQF 4 after 6 months
  • PDE 4 after next 6 months
  • Exemption long-term especially if the candidate has a Degree at NQF Level 7
  • Principalisation 12 months maximum and then they can commence making placements of estate agents;
  • Complete NQF 5 in six months and PDE 5 in the next six months

Internship/Learnership - Transformation Foot Soldiers - The EAAB will assign “Transformation Foot-Soldiers” or Administrators to provide support to Interns and Learners.   There are 12 EAAB Foot-Soldiers in total, 6 will focus on Gauteng, Western Cape and Kwa-Zulu Natal, and the remaining 6 will focus on the other 6 provinces.  Their focus will be to have continuous engagement and communication with both the Learner/Intern and the Host Employer.  As the main objective is to ensure that the EAAB retains the Learner/Interns in the real estate sector, they will be monitoring progress and will produce monthly reports.  It is envisaged that by sharing experiences there can be early detection if the Learner/Intern requires additional assistance.

Internship/ Learnership – Accelerated Training - The focus of the EAAB Foot Soldiers will include spot checks with visits to site where placements have been made, assist the Learner/Intern with examination preparation and assist and address and potential challenges.

Internship /Learnerships – Practise Note - As it has been identified that there is a need to think unconventionally, as currently the Seller determines who the estate agent and conveyancer will be, the EAAB will be adopting a future approach that the Buyer should determine the conveyancer and estate agent.   A Practise note should be put in place which can be debated by the real estate industry.

SMME Creation – Incubation – The 2nd Transformation initiative in brief is to identify SMME’S in the real estate sector (Black-owned).  Support will be provided by the EAAB.  Financial support of loans and grants need to be acquired, with strategic development support, and access to markets.  Further details will be provided as to the next Launch and identification of the SMMES during the course of the year.

Internship/Learnership – Integration into Incubation - Sustainability of the programme and growth of Interns in the real estate sector.  A clear growth plan for trained Interns to be integrated into the incubated Black estate agencies run by SMME’s;

Rehabilitate blocked estate agents - The EAAB through the Transformation initiative will unblock over 900 Black estate agents; Negotiate for a block-funding arrangement through the Small Enterprise Funding Agency (SEFA), the National Youth Development Agency (NYDA).  Detail will be incorporated in the EAAB’s Annual Report.


July 7, 2022
The PDI transformation initiative program which was introduced in January 2019 under section 27 of the Estate Agency Affairs Act (EAAA) has not been retained under the Property Practitioners Act (PP Act). This program was meant to assist PDI’s who would otherwise have been non-complaint with the provisions of the previous EAAA to be issued...

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