Stakeholder Relations and Engagement

The Stakeholder repository is a structured collection of information and data related to the various stakeholders. Feedback and survey results from stakeholders will be stored in the repository to track sentiment and gather insights. Relevant documents such as reports, and presentations related to stakeholders will be stored for easy access. The Stakeholder repository is important for fostering positive relationships, managing risks, and ensuring that stakeholders are effectively engaged throughout the life of a project or the existence of an organisation.

Stakeholder Legislative Mandate

The PPRA has a mandate in respect of section 21 (c) of the Property Sector Transformation Fund to do Consumer Awareness Programme, to promote awareness of property transaction and business undertaking. Section 22 (5) of the Property Sector Research Centre requires, Research Centre to annually promote consumer awareness and education, which must include the education of consumers on their rights and responsibilities in respect of property ownership and development and Consumer protection and lodging of claims. Section 69 (1) speaks to Consumer education and information that the Authority must from time-to-time conduct campaigns to educate and inform the general public of their rights in respect of property transactions and property practitioners of their functions, duties and obligations.


Legislation Parameter:

Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, 1996 (Act No. 108 of 1996)

Property Practitioners Act (Act. No. 22 of 2019)

Protection of Personal Information Act (Act No 4 of 2013)

Promotion of Access to Information Act (Act No 2 of 2000)


Stakeholder Objectives

Effectively communicate and increase Consumer awareness information that is accurate, responsible, and reliable.

Relationship building approach to stakeholder engagement.

Plan effective collaboration and knowledge sharing with external stakeholders.

Increase consumer awareness and engagement.

Maintain PPRA reputation and stakeholder relations while supporting the vision and mission of the entity.

Monitoring the Stakeholder Relations Engagement Plan



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