Knowledge Centre Library Hub

The underlying purpose of establishing the EAAB's Knowledge Centre is to ensure that the effective organisational management of knowledge is conducted from a central point within the EAAB.  The proposed EAAB Knowledge Centre, thus, will constitute the indispensable organisational mechanism required not only for researching, discovering, mapping, analysing and evaluating knowledge but also for ensuring that any new or innovative opportunities that are so readily available within the present ‘knowledge age’ are accessed and utilised by the EAAB as a functional business enterprise.  The EAAB will become the repository of this knowledge.

The proposed EAAB Knowledge Centre will serve as a centralised resource for accessing the wealth of available materials, in all formats, relating or applicable to the real estate environment, the property sector and the South African economy generally. The EAAB Knowledge Centre will be structured so as to be able to offer specialised tools and services to assist both estate agents and other identified stakeholders within the sector to remain apprised of the latest knowledge and innovative developments within, and applicable to, the sector as well as to their own specific individual business needs.

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