The purpose of the inspections and investigations policies and guidelines  is to clarify and enhance  the  compliance, enforcement  and supervisory functions of the PPRA  as well as to ensure transparency in the administration of inspections and investigations.

Strict adherence to, and compliance with, the provisions of  the Property practitioners Act, 22 of 2019(“ the Act”  )including other applicable legislation and the regulations, insofar as the  operations of the business  property practitioner   is concerned , it is  essential to ensure sound and appropriate  operations within the property practitioners  enterprise; as well as  ensuring fairness and equality ;and also protection of the consumers

It  is essential , furthermore, that  business property practitioners should fully understand, appreciate and manage their affairs in compliance with the Act  since , they, by so doing , will ensure that they conduct their operations in a sound and appropriate manner  


Draft Investigation and Investigations guidelines
November 30, -0001
The Property Practitioners Authority is delighted to share with all stakeholders its draft guidelines which incorporate the Inspections and Investigations processes within the Property Practitioners Regulatory Authority for your review, comments and questions.    

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Inspections and Investigations Policy
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