How to lodge a claim

The Estate Agency Affairs Act, Section 12(1) provides for the establishment and control of the Estate Agents Fidelity Fund. The fund is intended to reimburse persons who in certain circumstances have suffered pecuniary (actual) loss due to theft of trust monies by estate agents.

Claims must be lodged by way of an affidavit from the claimant setting out the circumstances giving  rise to the claim. Necessary supporting documents will be required, such as:

  • Proof of payment include receipts, paid out cheque,bank statements
  • Relevant contracts concluded, Lease or Sale Agreement
  • Police case number and full details of the investigating officer, and
  • Proof of the pecuniary loss suffered.
Requirements for lodging a claim
June 9, 2011
The following requirements are set out in section 18(3) of the Estate Agency Affairs Act No 112 of 1976 for lodging a claim against the fidelity fund.

Disciplinary Process: Lodging of a Complaint against an Estate Agent
June 9, 2011
Lodging of a Complaint against an Estate Agent must be by way of completion and submission of the Complaint Initiation Form which, can be downloaded from the EAAB website

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