The Property Practitioners Act No. 22 of 2019 has brought about an expansion of the mandate of the Property Practitioners Regulatory Authority (‘’PPRA’’). This expansion has resulted in the PPRA now regulating twelve (12) subsectors within the property practitioner industry.
These subsectors play a vital role in the broader property sector. The inclusion of these new subsectors under the oversight of the PPRA demonstrate our commitment to bring about a transformed, professional, and well-regulated property practitioner’s sector in in a spatially integrated society.
It is important to note that property practitioners are required to possess a valid Fidelity Fund Certificate (‘’FFC’’).
Traditionally, FFCs were issued with a ten or eleven-digit number (e.g. 2022000000, 20230000000). However, due to the expanded scope of the PPRA's mandate, a new FFC numbering system has been enhanced to accommodate the new subsectors. As of January 2024, the new FFC numbers will consist of fifteen digits (e.g. 202400000000000).
We appreciate your attention to this matter and your continued support in achieving our goals.
Property Practitioners Regulatory Authority
26 January 2024

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