1. S50(1) Requires property practitioners to be SA citizens and lawfully resident in SA. This excludes foreign nationals who were previously registered under the EAA Act 112/2976. We are required by law to comply with the Act. Property practitioners who wish to register and operate within SA must either be SA citizens and lawfully resident in SA or they may apply for an exemption from this provision, if they have good grounds to do so. This may be done at the same time that practitioners apply for registration with the required application form. Applicants will need to submit a completed form E1, and attach any documents to prove the good grounds they allege. Applicants will need to state the section they require exemption from which will be Section 50(a)(i), in this instance. Full details will be required and please note that only foreign nationals who are legally in SA and have a permit to work, or permanent residence, may be granted an exemption, unless special circumstances apply which do not conflict with the consideration requirements in the Act and regulations. It is entirely within the discretion of the Authority, after consideration of all the facts, and the considerations contained in the Act and regulations, as to whether an exemption is granted.
  2. Please note that foreign national estate agents registered under the old EAA Act 112/1976, will need to submit an exemption application along with their renewal application, using the E1 form attached which has been prepopulated for foreign nationals, and requesting exemption from section 50(a)(i), and attaching proof of lawful residence and a work permit, or other relevant documents, as well as setting out reasons why the exemption should be granted.

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