Sub-regulation 33.2.1 of the Property Practitioners Regulations, 2022, provides that the PPRA must consult with the representative bodies in the various industries in which property practitioners operate and establish, amongst others, standards for the practical training of non-principal property practitioners as referred to in sub-regulation 33.2.3.

In summary, sub-regulation 33.2.3 of the Property Practitioners Regulations, 2022 provides that:

  • No person shall be entitled to practice as a property practitioner unless such person has first completed a practical training course in respect of non-principal property practitioners;
  • The practical training course will constitute a maximum of six modules to be completed over a maximum period of six months;
  • The practical training course shall be designed primarily by leading industry bodies; and
  • Such practical training courses shall be subject to the overall oversight and approval of the Authority (PPRA).


Following robust engagements with the representative bodies of property practitioners who operate in the real estate industry, the PPRA is delighted to announce the following:

  1. After all parties were presented with an opportunity to make submissions and presentations, the PPRA and the real estate industry finally agreed on the standards for the practical training of non- principal property practitioners;
  2. The registration of candidate property practitioners for the practical training course which will be offered by representative bodies will commence on 1 July 2024, by which time the new real estate qualification will be in place;
  3. In February 2024, the PPRA will issue guidelines pertaining to the eligibility and other relevant requirements for practical training; and
  4. From February 2024, the PPRA in conjunction with the Services SETA will conduct workshops in relation to the implementation of the practical training course.


The PPRA takes this opportunity to thank all the representative bodies in the real estate industry who played an active role in ensuring that the much-needed innovative changes in the sector are realised for the benefit of the industry in its entirety.

Issued by: The Property Practitioners Regulatory Authority Date: 19 January 2024


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