Draft Investigation and Investigations guidelines

The Property Practitioners Authority is delighted to share with all stakeholders its draft guidelines which incorporate the Inspections and Investigations processes within the Property Practitioners Regulatory Authority for your review, comments and questions.
The objectives for the external stakeholders’ consultations include to: –
(i) Ensure that the Inspections and Investigation Departments processes reflects the views and feedback of all relevant industry players;
(ii) Obtain the buy-in on the development of internal policies and procedures of the Authority regarding inspections and investigations and ensure that the Authority’s policies and procedures reflect best practices.
(iii) identify opportunities for enhanced collaboration and further engagements on the guidelines .
The feedback received from key stakeholders would benefit the Authority in finalizing the guidelines, enhance dialogue and inform internal policy and processes within the Inspections and Investigations Department.
We would be honoured by your participation in this key stakeholders’ guidelines consultation.
All organisations/ stakeholders can provide feedback directly to: inspections@eaab.org.za.
The Authority welcomes your input and is looking forward to receiving your comments. Please note that the final date for submission of comments is: 22nd April 2022.
For more information, visit the www.theppra.org.za.
Issued 30 March 2022

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