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Inspections and Investigations Policy
July 12, 2011
The purpose of this Inspections and Investigations Policy is to clarify and enhance the inspection and supervision functions of the EAAB and to ensure transparency in the administration of inspections and investigations.

The Promotion of Access to Information Act
June 10, 2011
Many private companies that would otherwise have been forced to comply with the provisions of the Promotion of Access to Information Act by 31 August 2003 have been granted a welcome extension of time by the Minister of Justice within which to do so. It had been widely argued by the business community that full compliance with the provisions of...

The Community Reinvestment Bill
June 10, 2011
The Ministry of Housing has rejected continuing speculation that the Community Reinvestment Bill would be withdrawn. The Bill seeks to compel banks to make loans to low-income homebuyers and, also, establishes targets for the number of loans to be so provided.

The Debt Collectors Act
June 10, 2011
There has recently been much polemic as to whether or not those estate agents engaged in the management and administration of rental property and/or sectional title schemes are obliged to register with the Council for Debt Collectors.

Disqualified Applicants Act
June 10, 2011
"Disqualified Applicants" Disqualifications relating to the issue of Fidelity Fund Certificates [Section 27 of The Estate Agency Affairs Act, 112 of 1976

Estate Agency Affairs Act
June 10, 2011
The Estate Agency Affairs Act: To provide for the establishment of an Estate Agency Affairs Board and an Estate Agents Fidelity Fund; for the control of certain activities of estate agents in the public interest; and for incidental matters.

Prevention Of Illegal Eviction Act
June 10, 2011
It is understood that proposed long-delayed amendments to the PIE Act were recently approved by Cabinet and will shortly be published for general comment. The amendments seek to free private residential landlords and banks [in the case of repossessed properties] from the full rigours of the PIE Act.

Purchaser's Cooling Off Right
June 10, 2011
The following guidelines are issued by the Estate Agency Affairs Board to assist estate agents in discharging their legal and ethical duties when negotiating a transaction which is subject to the cooling off right provided for by the Alienation of Land Act 68 of 1981

Regulatory Conduct
June 10, 2011
Regulations regarding conduct deserving of sanction

Estate Agents Fidelity Fund Claim
June 10, 2011
The Estate Agency Affairs Board affidavit founding a claim against the estate agents fidelity fund

The Standard of Training of Estate Agents
June 10, 2011
Estate Agency Affairs Act (112/1976): Substitution of the regulations relating to the standard of training of estate agents

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